10 Reasons Why You Should Build with Timber Frame

Why should we build with timber frame? What is the importance and what are the benefits of using timber in construction?

Building with wood, most notably timber, is on the rise, and one of the main reasons for this is because it complies with building sustainably. There’s pressure on the UK construction trade to operate more sustainably, and using timber means not depleting non-renewable resources or harming the environment as it is one of the few natural building materials.

For the UK housebuilding industry, there is also pressure to deliver high-quality, good-value housing quickly. One answer to this is using off-site construction methods, of which timber lends itself ideally.

An archaic opinion is that timber frame housing is a poor form of construction. In fact, the opposite is true. Timber is remarkably strong and durable.

Also, when using timber to build off-site, you benefit from much more flexibility. Regulations and planning requirements are more easily met and timber frames can be cladded in any external material. Transportation costs are lower too, since timber is lightweight.

Here are more reasons why timber is such a great construction material:


Low in production energy

Not much energy is required to convert wood to the timber used in buildings. In fact, not only is the embodied energy in timber low, it is the lowest of almost all common building materials.



Timber helps to minimise energy needs as it is a natural insulator. A timber frame home relies on less energy to warm and cool, which means less fossil fuel is required.


Energy efficiency

Using timber helps to minimise energy consumption in various ways. Lifecycle studies show that timber frame houses considerably outperform steel and concrete structures.


Versatile and varied

As it’s light, timber is easy to install and simpler equipment can be used in its production and application compared to heavier materials. Also, different species of trees produce different colours, textures, and qualities of timber.


Quick build time

Building frames with timber is quicker and easier. They can be partly pre-cut, modulated, and built with more precision than more traditional methods such as a brick build.

Constructing off-site aside, it is much quicker to erect timber-framed buildings than brick or stone buildings. And of course, quicker building equals less time and money spent.


Durable and low maintenance

An immensely durable material, many well-made wooden structures have lasted for centuries. Plus, compared to other frame building materials, it is easy and cheap to maintain.


How Paramount is Helping You Build for Tomorrow

At Paramount, we provide cost-effective, time-efficient, and sustainable products for the development of quality homes. With our mission, we are assisting the acceleration of the UK’s house-building efforts to become net-zero, not to mention helping to protect our world for future generations.

Our timber products help to achieve housing development needs such as shorter time frames, lower costs, and reduced carbon emissions.


To find out more about our timber frames or bespoke timber engineered products, get in touch and a dedicated member of our team will help you.

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