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Our top trending articles over the past 6 months in construction

We’re here to keep you up to date with the latest news and events that have taken place in the world of construction as we move towards at net zero industry. We have pulled together the top trending news stories in the industry over the last six months. Check out the articles below to find how this affects our industry and what more can be done moving forwards.

1. Government must invest in carbon capture or risk missing net zero targets, NIC warns

The National Infrastructure Commission has called upon the government to act and invest in carbon capture, otherwise there could be a risk of missing net-zero targets! There are, however, new carbon capture technologies available which can remove carbon dioxide directly from the air, along with processing biomass and recapturing the carbon dioxide absorbed.

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2. Green homes grant applications surged in month before scheme was axed

The green homes grant was intended to be a key method of helping the UK cut down on carbon emissions, however, the grant was scrapped just 6 months after the £1.5bn scheme was launched. This leaves the UK without a plan on how households can play their part on reducing carbon emissions through insulation and low-carbon heating. Using timber in construction would transform this bleak outlook, making housing much more affordable and kinder to the environment. Timber frame homes have to be a part of the new plan as we move towards a greener future.

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3. How can the construction industry become net zero ready?

The construction industry has the chance to push encourage the use of efficient and low-carbon building materials. The Climate Change Committee has previously suggested the environmental and financial benefits to increasing the use in construction.

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4. New net gain tool to help industry deliver sustainable projects

A new net-gain tool launched by Northumbria University is set to help a variety of projects with playing their role in environment conservation. Known as ‘The Nature Tool’, it functions by recording the magnitude of any new project provides ‘net gains’ for the environment and aids with design, planning and long-term management.

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5. Report seeks to accelerate use of modular construction

The University of Cambridge and Places for people have concluded from their report that housebuilding rates lacks pace and sufficiency, being just half of the 300,000-annual target. The key issues that have led to this outcome are down to lack of collaboration, failure to deploy new technologies that are designed to reach development targets, and labour shortages.

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6. Construction minister: stricter tender rules key to reaching net-zero

Construction minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan has called for three changes to be issued from the government to aid pushing the industry to net-zero. The changes involve companies that don’t show commitment to net-zero by 2050 will be banned from public sector work. This applies to contracts from the value of £5 million. The second phase is that public sector buyers must consider how their work can tackle the issue of climate change whilst keeping wastage of materials to a minimum. The final element is that central government departments must thoroughly evaluate social, economic, and environmental benefits throughout the procurement process.

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